Robert Holbrook

Robert Holbrook is a consultant to hardware and software companies. His focus is on product strategy and improving product management. He worked for twenty years at Tandem Computers and Compaq, which acquired Tandem, as a software engineer, as a product management leader and as head of marketing for his division. His experience spans diverse markets: financial services, biotech, cable advertising, computer security and most recently utilities deploying the smart grid. In studying the recent changes in airplane noise in and around Mountain View, he has returned to his roots, writing programs to analyze flight data from the FAA.

Ella Gille

Ella Gille has a background in business development and sales. In her free time she spends time outdoors. With the recent increases in airplane noise, Ella has made it her mission to find solutions to reduce jet noise for all. She is passionate in finding solutions that are sustainable, and will help both this generation and future generations.