SFO Community Roundtable

The Airport/Community Roundtable was established in 1981 as a voluntary committee to address community noise impacts from aircraft operations at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

The Airport Community Roundtable doesn't include communities in Santa Clara County. However, it is a great website to visit about information on SFO flight noise. 

One of the most successful programs to reduce jet noise from the SFO airport community roundtable has been the fly quiet program which rates airlines on: 

  • Fleet Noise Quality

  • Noise Exceedance

  • Nighttime Preferential Runway Use

  • Shoreline Departure Quality

  • Gap Departure Quality

  • Foster City Arrival Quality

In 2015 the airlines awarded were: 

  • Quietest Overall Airline: Lufthansa Airlines

  • Most Improved Airline: Air France

  • Chairperson's Award: United Airlines

Enclosed below is a list of the Fly quiet reports for 2016: 

SFO Fly Quiet Report 2016 - 1st Quarter
SFO Fly Quiet Report 2016 - 2nd Quarter
SFO Fly Quiet Report 2016 - 3rd Quarter


Please note that some of the airlines with the most operations into SFO have the lowest fleet noise quality rating. Higher ratings are assigned to jets using newer, quieter technologies.