One of the approaches into SFO is the BDEGA East approach. According to the FAA, in 2005 43% of Flights that used the BDEGA approach used the West Leg, and 57% of flights used the East leg. The East approach flies over the Bay, and is much quieter than the West approach for Peninsula residents


According to the FAA, in May 2016, 72% of flights that use the BDEGA Approach use the West Leg and 28% of flights use the East Leg. This has caused significant increase in noise over the Peninsula. 

According to the FAA an increased usage of DYAMD would cause a decrease in usage in the BDEGA East. While we understand the constraints from DYAMD and BDEGA East sharing a runway, we request that BDEGA East be used as much as feasibly possible especially for night time arrivals. 

Image Source FAA