• What can be done to reduce jet noise for all?

    • There are many ways that noise can be reduced. For instance the A320 is a plane that emits a whine that can be heard from 20 miles away. A simple $3k fix could reduce the noise of these planes by half. The FAA estimates that 35% of planes need the fix. SFO is expecting over 150,000 annual operations of the A320 series by 2019. 

    • Increasing altitudes at MENLO, leveraging Optimal Profile Descent and sequencing over the ocean are also recommendations that we would like the FAA to assess.

    • Additionally, many airports around the world use sliding fees to encourage airlines to fly quieter planes. For instance the planes that fly into Heathrow are 15% quieter than the rest of the planes in the airlines’ fleets.

  • Who is BayAreaJetNoise.com?

    • We are a group of concerned residents who want to make sure that we reduce flight noise for all instead of reducing noise for some at the expense of others.

  • Who is the Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals?

    • U.S Representatives Anna G. Eshoo, Sam Farr and Jackie Speier formed a Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals comprised of 12 officials to address noise concerns. The last meeting of the committee was on 11/17/16.


  • What flights use the MENLO waypoint?

    • According to the FAA, only non-vectored flights that use the SERFR flight path use the MENLO waypoint. This equates to about 15% of all SFO arrivals.


  • Palo Alto say that they are impacted by jet noise, why do we not share the noise?

    • The noise is already shared. We don’t believe that noise shifting is an ethical solution to a regional noise problem. Many cities have seen a drastic increase in noise over the last few years. Flights are routinely vectored over Mountain View and surrounding cities. According to the November 17, 2016 report from the SFO Community roundtable "at SFO, 50% of flights from the south are routinely planned to be vectored off course because of airspace congestion at SFO". In essence this means that flight noise is already shared. Shifting flight paths just shifts noise without addressing the greater problem.


  • Why should I sign this petition?

    • This petition is to reject shifting noise, and to request that we explore solutions that reduce noise for all

  • What else can I do?

    • Report jet noise to your local airports.

  • Where can I read more about jet noise?

    • Congresswoman Anna Eshoo has done a tremendous job of sharing information about jet noise on her website. ​

  • What is vectoring?

    • Vectoring is used to space and sequence flights to ensure safe operations. About half of arrivals from the South Bay are vectored. 

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