Mountain View Jet Noise

Mountain View Residents will tell you that they are no stranger to plane noise. It is not unusual to see large planes land at Moffett Airfield. Those planes are far and few between. Despite being loud and low many residents like the Moffett airspace with Hangar 1 being a reminder of another era. It is a historic location that sees little traffic, and in May 2008, The National Trust for Historic Preservation listed Hangar One on their list of America's Most Endangered Places.

All of this has changed in recent years. Mountain View has gone from seeing occasional flights, to seeing a constant barrage of flights at all hours of the day and night. The main sources of noise are:

- Vectored SERFR flights. ABout 50% of SERFR flights get vectored, and many of those flights fly over our communities. 

- BDEGA West Traffic: There has been a distinct increase in BDEGA West traffic causing more traffic over Mountain View

- Reverse Flow: We have seen both an increase in reverse flow days, an increase in the number of flights, and an increase in concentration of these flights. 

- Surf Air - Surf Air flies around 24 flights a day over highly populated areas at low altitudes. 

Certain groups are trying to move a historical flight paths onto Mountain View which would drastically increase noise for our community.  The shift would cause 180 flights a day to fly over Mountain View. We don't believe that shifting noise is either an ethical or a sustainable solution for addressing the noise problems of the Bay Area. The image below highlights the significant increase in traffic over Mountain View in only two years. 

July 2014, SFO South Bay Arrivals & July 2016 SFO South Bay Arrivals (Image Source: FAA)