On November 17, 2016, a congressional select committee voted to ask the FAA to consider alternate flight paths, one of which, called SERFR-EDDYY, would route traffic to either the ROKME or DUMBA waypoint, in either case shifting noise to Los Altos, Mountain View and south Palo Alto.

Advocates of the plan claimed that the new flight path would fly over 'industrial areas' and that the planes would fly higher. However, the areas that the flight path would fly over are not industrial, and the planes' modest increase in altitude would not reduce per-flight noise significantly. It would, however, bring a significant increase in the number of overflights to communities already experiencing jet noise.

In its November 2017 response to the Select Committee Report, the FAA stated that it was unable to endorse this approach, citing safety reasons. (Appendix D, 1.23, p108)