A320 Whine

The A320 whine can be heard from up to 20 miles but a simple $3k fix can lower the noise by almost half. Learn more about the whine and how communities in Europe have drastically reduced flight noise by retrofitting their planes. 

Aircraft Noise Management

Aircraft Noise Management has many factors, and we must be involved as a community to put together regulations that reduce jet noise for all.


BDEGA East flies over water and is a much quieter approach than BDEGA West. Leveraging BDEGA East more would significantly reduce flight noise for the Peninsula as planes fly over the Bay. 

Change Landing Fees

Airports in Europe charge on a sliding scale to encourage airlines to fly quieter planes. The result? Planes that fly into Heathrow are 15% quieter than the rest of the planes from the airlines fleet. 

Increase Altitude at MENLO

When it comes to noise altitude matters. MENLO waypoint has historically had a visual approach of 5000' since 2000. However after Next Gen the altitude dropped and flights are flying lower. We would like to have this approach reinstated at 5000' as this would provide noise relief to all. 

MENLO Waypoint

Approximately, 50% of South Bay Arrivals get vectored. Learn more about the flights that use the MENLO waypoint

Optimized Profile Descent

Flights using idle power are quieter, we request for flights to use OPD as much as possible to reduce jet noise for all. 

Quietest Overall Airline Program

Learn more about an airline who has been environmentally responsible and who is working towards providing solutions that would significantly reduce jet noise for all. 

Regional Roundtable

Plane Noise is not a problem with a simple solution. We believe that ongoing community engagement is key to providing long term sustainable solutions. 

Sequencing Aircraft

Vectoring brings noise as flights use thrust over highly populated areas. Sequencing over the ocean could enable planes to leverage OPD and create less noise for all. 

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