Regional Roundtable

Jet Noise is not a simple problem, and we must work with the FAA, local airports and our elected representatives to find solutions to reduce jet noise for all. 

Currently our communities in Santa Clara County are impacted by plane noise from over five airports (SFO, San Carlos Airport, Palo Alto Airport, Moffett Airfield, San Jose International Airport) with no ongoing representation from any airport. We need a roundtable to provide the following benefits:

- Communicate with members and the community

- Communicate and collaborate with other roundtable organizations locally and nationally

- Work with the noise office of local airports to reduce noise

- Implement & monitor fly quiet programs. 

- Provide education and training to fly quieter

- Research current and future solutions for noise abatement

- Measure effectiveness of current noise abatement programs. 

- Collaborate with FAA

- Monitor legislation

We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. It is our responsibility to reduce jet noise so that we can enjoy the environments for years to come.