FAA Responds to Reverse Flow Noise Increase

On Monday 2/27/17, the Airport Commission for San Jose Airport (SJC) will address the topic of noisy reverse flow traffic. The stakes are high: SJC is planning for very rapid growth in traffic over the next ten years. The commissioners will decide how to handle the FAA’s reply to their request for help with the recent spike in noise complaints (and complaints have gone through the roof since then). Based on the FAA’s response, there’s a real possibility that SJC will drop the issue if we don’t engage. The correspondence is available at this link, in case you’d like to decide for yourself.

The FAA’s response was disappointing: it pointed to weather as the reason for the increase in reverse flow traffic, but there’s a lot more going on. The FAA dodged the issue that SJC raised of noise having been concentrated. And SJC did not point out that noise was shifted or ask the FAA if airplanes are flying louder. The bottom line for the Airport Commissioners is, “Based on the attached response, [SJC] staff has concluded that the FAA does not anticipate adjustments to the south flow approach.”

We want a meaningful dialog on causes and solutions. There are many potential improvements to consider and we plan to list them on Monday. SJC disbanded their long-standing Airport Noise Advisory Committee in 2013. Perhaps it’s time to set it up again. You can make a difference by attending Monday’s meeting. The Commission will be influenced by the size of the audience.

The public comment period is limited to fifteen minutes. We want to present a few longer speeches rather than fifteen one-minute speeches, but that will require the cooperation of the people who attend. I encourage you to lend your support to that if you come. We hope to see you there.

Monday’s meeting starts at 6pm and will be held at 1701 Airport Boulevard, Suite B-1130.

Airport Blvd serves the airport terminals and runs between the terminals and the parking garage. The meeting is in a low administrative building between the terminals and you can see the meeting room from the road. At the last meeting, airport staff provided free parking passes for folks who had parked in the garages (and not the hourly lot). More information about the meeting: http://www.flysanjose.com/fl/about.php?page=commission/meetings&subtitle=Airport+Commission+%7C+Meetings+/+Minutes.

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