Upcoming meetings to address airplane noise

Summary: A public meeting will be held on Monday, Sept 11th at 2pm to consider creating an 'Ad Hoc Advisory Committee' to address the sharp increase in noise complaints from Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and other cities for low-flying airplanes bound for San Jose Int'l Airport (SJC). If the recommendation is approved on Monday, an important follow-up meeting will be held Oct 3rd.

Background: Monday saw a return of large, low-flying commercial airplanes over Mountain View & Palo Alto. Many more days like this are coming in the months ahead when the wind is more likely to shift, forcing pilots to use the 'south flow' approach to SJC, which routes them over Mountain View & Palo Alto.In recent years, noise during 'south flow' conditions has increased dramatically for many residents, mainly because of changes rolled out by the FAA. Airplanes are flying in a narrower flight corridor and the FAA shifted the center of the corridor west. Many people think that airplanes are also noisier because of how they're being flown now (speed guidance was raised). Complaints have skyrocketed and the situation will only get worse as SJC doubles its capacity over twelve years.Good news: community pressure is producing results. SJC Airport Staff is recommending the formation of an 'Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on South Flow Arrivals' to address the situation, with participation from affected cities and the FAA.The decision to create the Ad Hoc Committee will be made by the owner of the airport, which is the San Jose City Council. Two hearings are scheduled:• The Transportation and Environment Committee of the City Council will consider the proposal to set up an Ad Hoc Committee to address South Flow at San Jose City Hall (rooms W118-119 in the committee meeting rooms wing) Monday, September 11th at 2pm.• If the recommendation is approved on Monday, the Full City Council will take up the recommendation at San Jose City Hall, Tuesday, October 3rd at 1:30pm. (Note: the ad hoc advisory committee will not be among the first items on the agenda.)

Please consider attending and maybe even speaking in support of the Ad Hoc Committee.

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